Giving Tuesday is here.

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Your Gift Can Impact a Child for Life!

Imagine being a little child and getting a beautiful picture book of your very own every single month, mailed right to your home!

This is happening for more than 1,000 children in Delta County through Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, a book-gifting program that is free to all children under age five in Delta County, courtesy of the United Way of Delta County. The free monthly book continues until the child turns five and “graduates” from the program. Children can register at birth or anytime before they turn five.

With more than half of third graders in Delta County not reading at grade level, the United Way knows that it’s important to start early, and having books in the home has been proven to benefit children in many ways, starting at birth. Reading aloud to babies and young children promotes neural connections in their growing brains. It helps them develop language skills long before they can talk. It helps develop their imaginations and strengthens their bonds with parents and caregivers. And it fosters a love of reading and books!

This Giving Tuesday, the United Way of Delta County is raising money to keep this wonderful program going for local families. For a donation of $30, you can provide a whole year’s worth of books to one child! Of course, gifts of any amount are welcomed and appreciated.